Made in Michigan

At the Grand Traverse Pie Co. we make it a priority to do business with local businesses and organizations. After all, we want to be a responsible piece of the community. The people who work at these businesses are also our customers and friends!

Our first shop was opened in Traverse City, which is why we support so many Michigan businesses, growers, and organizations. Michigan has seen some difficult times in recent years, but the people of this beautiful state are both resilient and productive. Better days are ahead and they start now!

Every cherry, apple, and blueberry used in our pies are grown by Michigan farmers. We believe it’s important to support our local agriculture. We also feel that the fruit grown in Michigan is among the very best, that’s why we put it in our pies!

We’re very proud to be associated with local partners in Michigan as well as in Indiana. The list on the right is a sample of those relationships and our commitment.