GT Pie on Facebook and Twitter

In addition to providing quality food for our customers, we’re very grateful to be a part of the communities where we have pur Pie Shops. We want to help our communities become stronger and more vibrant, and we’re committed to using local products where we can.

In the spirit of that mission, we have worked to build quality communities on social media. The Grand Traverse Pie Company has an official presence online at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Foursquare. Consult the list below for our official social media pages.

8 reasons to follow Grand Traverse Pie Company on social media

  1. Find out about new menu items and limited time offers.
  2. Be alerted to what’s happening in and around our Pie Shops.
  3. See beautiful photos of Michigan – the birthplace of the Grand Traverse Pie Company.
  4. Learn about Pie of the Month information.
  5. Enter contests that can only be entered online.
  6. See specials from our individual Pie Shops.
  7. Hear about new Pie Shops opening in your area.
  8. Keep informed about our Pie Dough Club, our loyalty program that allows you to earn points for purchases in our Pie Shops.

Official GT Pie Co. social media pages