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Five notable pie-tossing incidents

For the record, the Pie Lady thinks pie tossing is a waste of great pastry. No one knows for sure when it started, but people have been putting pies in the faces of other people for a long time. Maybe since the first pies were baked there have been disgruntled folks around who decided to (more)

Famous people associated with pie

Mark Twain Probably no other American wrote as many words about pie as Mark Twain, the sage of letters and author of some of the classics of American literature. Huckleberry Finn, one of American literature’s most famous characters, took his name from one of Twain’s favorite desserts – huckleberry pie. Twain so loved pies that (more)

Pie Lady unknowingly helps hospice patient with deliveries

One of the most heartwarming Pie Stories has taken place at the Munson Manor here in Traverse City, Michigan. Munson Manor is a non-profit Hospitality House affiliated with our local hospital, Munson Medical Center. The Manor provides a place for people to stay at a reduced rate while their loved ones are either in the (more)

Smiling employee feels like part of a family

“It’s amazing to be here because knowing the money goes to the community, it’s like I’m working for the community!” That’s the enthusiastic and optimistic attitude of Heather Bailey, an employee at the Grand Traverse Pie Co. since 2007 in Traverse City. Bailey’s signature smile and cheerful disposition are a staple in the Traverse City (more)

Pie transforming community

Brooke Nettz, Executive Director of Traverse Bay Children’s Advocacy Center There is no doubt in my mind that pie will transform the course of history and make the universe a much better place. When I first met Denise Busley, she was warm and welcoming, which was just what I needed having just moved to the (more)

Tis the season of our award-winning pumpkin pie

As the Holiday season is upon us once more, we’re reminded that it’s the time of year to enjoy our award winning Pumpkin Pie! The Detroit News voted our pie #1 in a blind taste test. They commented: “Great pumpkin flavor. Good crust. Very smooth filling. Rich, dark color. Good spice level. The flavors harmonize (more)