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Pie Dough Club Q&A

About Pie Dough Club and How to Join

The Pie Dough Club is designed to reward loyal guests of Grand Traverse Pie Company. It is a special program that gives registered members immediate benefits and over time, lots of exciting perks. If you have any feedback or thoughts, we would love your opinion. You can send us an email with your suggestions.

How do I join?
There are three easy ways to join:

  1. Visit a participating GT Pie location and tell your Customer Service person that you would like to join the Pie Dough Club. A card will be activated and given to you; all you need to do then is register your new card on our website.
  2. Register online without a card to receive a virtual card number that can be exchanged for a physical card at any GT Pie Shop. However you don’t need a physical card, you can just use your phone number each time you come in.
  3. Download our GT Pie Mobile app and register on the app. You’ll receive a virtual card number that can be exchanged for a physical card at any GT Pie Shop. However you don’t need a physical card, you can just use your phone number each time you come in.

If you’ve registered cardless and would like a card bring your 9-digit virtual card number (or just your phone number) on your next visit to GT Pie and request a physical card from your Customer Service person. All of your information and account balance will transfer. NOTE: physical cards are not needed for identification, you may also use your phone number as your Pie Dough Club identification.

What do I get and how do I earn rewards?
Once you join the club and register the card online at gtpie.com, you’re able to earn points that convert to valuable rewards to include:

  1. A FREE slice of fruit pie when you register your card (expires one year after the reward is issued and is for a one time use.)
  2. $10 Pie Dough Bucks Reward for every 150 points earned* (valid on food, beverages, and retail items, expires 2 years after the reward is issued)
  3. A FREE slice of pie a la mode or a FREE 6” fruit pie for your birthday (expires one year after the reward is issued)

*Visit any GT Pie location and present your Pie Dough Club membership card to your customer service person. You will earn one point for every dollar you spend (excluding tax and tip).

We give longer expiration dates so you can enjoy your rewards at your convenience. 

Why do I have to register my card?
Card registration is needed to redeem any reward. Registering also allows you to manage your account and track activity, such as points balance and rewards earned. It also allows us to replace your card in the event it is lost or stolen.

Email will be used to alert you of rewards or perks available. Please make sure to add “piedoughclub@gtpie.com” to your contact list or check your “promotions” folder to ensure you will receive notifications about your rewards.

How much does it cost?
Same as a smile, it’s FREE to join the Pie Dough Club.

Who can join?
Any person 18 years of age or older who loves GT Pie! If you are between the ages of 13 and 18, you may only use the Pie Dough Club card under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by the terms of use -please see our Privacy Policy for more information in this regard.

Is there anything that I don’t earn points for?
Yes, you will not earn points for gift card purchases, online purchases, taxes, gratuity, or purchases made with Rewards.

How do I know which locations are participating in the Pie Dough Club Program?
All of our shops participate in Pie Dough Club. Visit our locations page for a shop nearest you.



How do my points earned convert to bucks?
When you reach 150 points your points will be converted to $10 in Pie Dough Bucks which will automatically be loaded on your Pie Dough Club account.

How do I use my Pie Dough Bucks?
If you have earned Pie Dough Bucks you can use them for food, beverages, and retail purchases at participating GT Pie locations. All available Pie Dough Bucks will be applied to the subtotal of the check. Any unused portion will remain in your account balance until it is used or expired.

How do I redeem my free slice of fruit pie registration reward?
Once you have registered your card at gtpie.com, visit any GT Pie location and tell your customer service person you would like to apply the free slice of fruit pie registration reward to your bill. It’s that easy.

How do I get and use my Birthday Reward ?
Each year, up to one week prior to your birthday, you will receive an email notifying you that your birthday choice of a FREE slice a la mode OR 6” mini fruit pie reward has been applied to your account. Be sure to register your card and provide us with your birthday so that we can give you this reward at the appropriate time.

How do I use my Birthday Reward?
Visit any participating GT Pie location and tell your customer service person you would like to use your FREE Birthday reward. Happy Birthday and enjoy!

How can I find out what rewards are on my account?
Visit gtpie.com and click on the link to “Login” and then enter your Username or Password. You need to register your card to view and redeem your rewards. Another option is to look up your account balance on the iPhone or Android app.


Other Questions

I lost my Pie Dough Club card. Can it be replaced?
If your lost card was registered on our website, we can verify card balances and we’re happy to replace it for you. We don’t have the ability to replace lost, unregistered cards. If you need a new card contact us and we will send you a new one if you like, remember you can go cardless and use your phone number at the register instead.

I forgot to bring my Pie Dough Club card the last time I visited a GT Pie Shop. Can I still get credit for my visit?
We can’t credit transactions to your Pie Dough Club account after your visit. If you do not have your card while visiting a GT Pie Shop, ask your customer service person to look up your account by giving your phone number. Your card must be registered for this to work.

I have a few Pie Dough Club cards with different credits/rewards/values. Can I combine them onto a single card?
Yes, we can combine up to five cards. Please contact us so we can help combine those cards.

Can I let someone else use my points?
Only the registered rewards program member may use the card to redeem points for rewards. However, you can bring someone else along to a participating GT Pie location. If you have enough points for a reward and you pay the check you may treat someone using your points.

Can I combine my points with another person’s points?
No, points from multiple member accounts may not be combined.

Can I share a membership with my spouse or other family member?
Pie Dough Club is intended for individual personal use only, however we realize family members might share a card. Please know that when multiple members of a family dine together at a participating GT Pie location, if one person pays the entire bill, that person (provided he/she is an active member) will earn points for the entire amount spent (excluding tax and tip). That one registered member is the only one eligible for registration or birthday rewards too.

Does my account ever expire?
Active accounts will never expire. However Pie Dough Club accounts with no activity for 18 months will be deactivated and all points & rewards credits will be forfeited.

Can I earn points when I purchase a gift card?
No, points are earned for food, beverage, and retail item purchases only (excluding tax and tip).

I have a Frequent Pie-R or Beverage card; can I still get punches on my cards?
Yes, we will still honor the Frequent Pie-R and Beverage cards; however we will not be passing out any new cards after September 25, 2013. These cards will not expire. You may convert your frequent cards to Pie Dough Club rewards, contact us to find out how.

What if I have problems with my account, lose my card, or have a question that is not answered here?
Contact us and we will answer your questions promptly.

What is your privacy policy?
GT Pie takes your privacy very seriously. Rest assured we will never rent or sell your email address or information. View our Privacy Policy.

The Pie Dough Club program may change overtime. Please visit gtpie.com to view any adjustments to the program.


Updated 7/30/15