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Five reasons to serve pie at your next birthday party

Cake had a huge head start, but the pure deliciousness of pie is closing the gap.

Don’t believe us? At the Grand Traverse Pie Co. we see it all the time.

Customers call or stop in to get a treat for a birthday celebration, and the lure of fresh-baked pie is too much to resist.

Increasingly. people are choosing pie for their birthday parties. It’s not just trendy, it’s tantalizingly tasty. Here are five reasons to make pie the choice for your next birthday bash.

1. Give more people what they want

When ordering pies for your party you obviously want to satisfy the taste of the guest of honor, but because you can order several flavors of pie, you can make more party guests happy! Order a chocolate pie, apple, cherry, and lemon meringue to give everyone a chance to stretch their taste buds.

2. Birthday Pie is still a marvelous novelty

If you have cake at your party, this is how the conversation with your friends the next day will go:

FRIEND: “How was Adam’s birthday party?”
YOU: “Cool, we played pin the tail on the donkey.”
FRIEND: “Awesome, what did they serve?”
YOU: “We had lemon cake with vanilla frosting.”

Conversely, if you have pie at your birthday party:

FRIEND: “How was Adam’s birthday party?”
YOU: “Cool, we played pin the tail on the donkey, but OMG, they served three different kinds of pie!”
FRIEND: “Pie? That’s awesome, holy cow!”
YOU: “Yeah, I had two slices and some ice cream.”
FRIEND: “What a cool idea! Adam is so great, I wish I was as awesome as him.”

3. Give and receive

In addition to supplying delicious pie to your birthday guests (which they’ll be so thankful for) pie can actually be a birthday present! Who gives a cake to someone? No one, unless you’re retiring from a law firm. Ask guests to help celebrate by bring their favorite pie to the festivities, or making a pie. Everyone can carry a pie in, it comes in a pie tin, not an unwieldy cake box that barely closes with paper flaps. Set that pie right down on the table! The more pie, the better!

4. Reheat it and eat it

Cake sits there and grows old. The frosting starts to melt and the cake itself can get hard. With pie, you toss it in the fridge to eat it cold, or better yet, slice a piece and reheat it in the microwave. It’s like you went to another birthday party all over again!

5. Pie is half of the perfect culinary equation

Everyone loves ice cream (and if they don’t we wouldn’t trust them). Americans eat millions of gallons of it every year, a lot of it during birthday celebrations. Cake and ice cream is good, but let’s face it, ice cream is carrying most of the load there.

Along with jazz and baseball, Pie a la Mode is one of the greatest things ever invented by Americans.

Pie + Ice Cream = perfection. The texture, the diametrically opposed substance of the two, is pure elegance. It’s like seeing a double rainbow or finding a $20 bill in the dryer- it always makes you smile. It will make your stomach happy too.

Eschew cake and choose pie, then pair it with ice cream for the perfect birthday treat.


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