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Five reasons to serve pie at your next birthday party

Cake had a huge head start, but the pure deliciousness of pie is closing the gap. Don’t believe us? At the Grand Traverse Pie Co. we see it all the time. Customers call or stop in to get a treat for a birthday celebration, and the lure of fresh-baked pie is too much to resist. (more)

Five things you didn’t know about the history of pie

Most of us are narrow minded when it comes to our pie. When we get a slice, we sit down and eat it- sometimes devour it – never stopping to think about why we have pie in the first place. Sure, it may not make the pie taste any better, but it’s interesting to note (more)

What our customers are saying about the Pie Company

Here at the GTPC we strive daily to do our best for you, our customers! Thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement, we truly appreciate you. “I was traveling on 4/4/11 and stopped at your Ann Arbor location. Never having been to a GT Pie company I thought I would try your (more)