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GT Pie a Michigan Grass Roots Company

You are a Michigan “grass roots” company that always serves excellent food.  I have liked everything I have purchased in your store starting with my first ever visit at your Traverse City store.
-Jane from East Lansing


4 thoughts on “GT Pie a Michigan Grass Roots Company”

  1. Darlene Waddicar says:

    Dear Tranverse Pie Company,
    I am sorry it took so long to comment on our results for the
    gift orders to two members of our family on Thanksgiving.
    One lives in Indiana and the other in Phoenix.
    They have commented..” Best cherry and blueberry pies we have tasted in a long time!!!”
    The carrot cake ordered arrived kinda jumbled by the delivery people. When we called to tell you this, you sent a “pies” gift
    to them!! (I tasted the carrot cake later..although no frosting
    left, it was so so good!)
    Truly a gift to remember! Thank you!

  2. Louise Sampier says:

    I have tried a lot of apple pies in the past. I have never tasted a pie as good as yours. I am looking forward to trying the strawberry. I really had a hard time spending so much on a pie but will continue to do so as it was the best ever. Thank you louise

  3. Sue Hadden says:

    Terry at the Portage store rocks. This was my first visit to GT Pie and now I am a fan. keep up the good work Terry!!!

  4. Rudy Cope says:

    I can’t express how grateful I am to the staff at the Grand Traverse Pie Company in Terre Haute Pie Company. Steve, the general manager, went way beyond the call of duty and made a sugar cream pie specially for me for my birthday – and these folks always treat me like family. The pie is amazing and I’m so grateful they’re a part of our community. Viva GT Pie Co.!

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