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Find Genevieve & Win Pie For A Year

Find Genevieve on the New GT Pie Website

We are proud to be in our 20th year as the Grand Traverse Pie Company!

As part of our celebration we have updated our “pie lady” (be looking for her on our new pie box designs coming out soon). Genevieve (JEH-neh-veev) is one of the founders’ grandma’s name, she was a homemaker and baked amazing Lemon Meringue and Raspberry pies. Our “pie lady” Genevieve represents that person in all our lives that loves to bake pie and create happy memories.

We have a new website that is full of good information about our food and pies and our brand’s Power of Pie in our communities. So, have some fun, check out the website each day on February 15th, 16th and 17th and find where we placed Genevieve, we will move her around the website each of those three days. We hope you love our new look, enjoy!


Contest Rules:

  • Enter your email address below or choose to Log In with Facebook.
  • Browse our website (gtpie.com) and find where Genevieve is hiding. Fill in the blank with either the page name or page’s web address.
  • Visit again each day on February 15th, 16th and 17th for another chance to have an entry to find Genevieve and enter to win each of the three days.
  • You’ll get extra entries for sharing with your friends and family. After all, pie was made for sharing!
  • ‘Leave a Reply’ on our blog post below and tell us who or how you will share your pie if you win.
  • Drawing will be Thursday, February 18th and winner will be notified by email.
  • Must be 18 or older to win.


Grand Prize:

This prize is a pie lover’s dream! We’ll be rewarding one lucky winner with 12 months of a fresh-baked pie delivered directly to your doorstep (prize value: $500.00). Each month you’ll receive a different variety of your choosing or we’ll pick out one of our signature pies and surprise you. More details will be given once you have won.



Thank you to all who played along in our search for Genevieve! We hope you had fun meeting the new Genevieve. Since we had so many entries and such wonderful comments on our blog, we decided to surprise and delight two additional winners. After all, pie is meant to be shared.

Congrats to Beverly from Traverse City, Brad from Detroit and Stacy in Arizona. Each has won free pie for a year!



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566 thoughts on “Find Genevieve & Win Pie For A Year”

  1. barbara a. salmela says:


    1. Derrick says:

      My wife. She loves this place.

      1. Andrea Woodwyk says:

        I’ll share with husband, bring them to work to share, share with neighbors, share with friends from church, share with relatives.

    2. Best Pie ever 😉 I would share with family and friends at work.

    3. Cathleen says:

      mmm pie

      1. Anne says:

        You betcha!

    4. Jennifer Hodgkins says:

      My husband and kids LOVE GTP pies!!! I would share with them!

    5. Patrick O'Donnell says:

      I would share with my Wife and children.

      1. Rollie says:

        Same here!

    6. Anna says:

      Strawberry rhubarb pie as dessert for a full year! oh yes!

      1. Natalie says:

        Yes, my favorite GT Pie is also the strawberry rhubarb pie. I would enjoy sharing a slice with others to convince them of it. If someone is not convinced it’s ok for them to choose another GT Pie since they have plenty to choose from.

        1. Patty Goldammer says:

          My all time favorite is the BLUEBERRY CRUMB and if I win I will share my pies with all new friends of my town where we don’t have a GTPC and get them hooked LIKE ME and my family so they will drive the 1- 2 hours like I do and get the “greatest pie in the world”!!!!!

    7. Steve says:

      Must share with the wife.

    8. Nonnie says:

      I will share it with my family, friends, and coworkers. Except for the Chocolate Cream Pie. I will eat that all myself. 🙂

    9. Erin says:

      My family would love this! My husband is not a cake person, so every year for his birthday we have one of your cherry pies 🙂

    10. Meredith S. says:

      I will share this with my office.

    11. Leigh H. says:

      I have 3 boys – enough said!

    12. Carolyn Knapp says:

      I have 5 teenage children – I’m pretty sure I could easily share pie in this house!

    13. Kennedy says:

      I would share with my grandma! We used to go to GT Pie for lunch in Traverse City when I was in High School

    14. Diane Warren says:


    15. Sarah says:

      Not sure yet. Share it with either family or work

    16. Jeff says:

      My wife and I love pie!

    17. Lynda G says:

      Share! Family, friends, coworkers – especially those who need a lift!

    18. Kerry says:

      I would share with my family.

      We love pie!!!

    19. Marie Connors-Gilmore says:

      I used to make a great cherry pie. And then we moved to TC and we had Grand Traverse Pie Company Cherry Pie. I haven’t made a pie since 2002 and for that I am eternally grateful. We just love your pies!

    20. Lynda G says:

      My favorite stop in East Lansing!

    21. Amber says:

      I will share with family & friends. Take to those in our church who can’t get out or is injured. Also use as dishes to pass @ church events.

    22. I am a pie lover as well as a lazy pie baker so your pies are the perfect answer for us.

    23. I would share with my Mom.

    24. Al says:

      Yummiest Pies in Terredise (Terre Haute, IN), the only place outside of Michigan where Genevieve bakes. Right at the Edge of Indiana State University on US 41 is the spot to stop. A definite favorite of the Sycamores! Go Trees and Go Genevieve!!

    25. Natalie says:

      I will share my GT pies with my Mah Jongg friends in Traverse City.

    26. Regina Mlostek says:

      My oh my how I LOVE pie <3

    27. Debbie M. says:

      I would invite the 500-plus membership of the Newcomers Club of Grand Traverse to share some pie and other tasty delights at the Grand Traverse Pie Co.

    28. Marge keil says:

      Will share with all of our families, friends,neighbors! Especially a girlfriend who has recently lost her husband…it will warm her heart!

    29. Kathy Stuut says:

      I will share with my family.

    30. Jon Orweller says:

      2016 – new year… New diet. GT Pie Diet!

    31. Margie says:

      I would share with my neighbors

    32. Dana West says:

      Love that you have No Sugar Added PIE for diabetics

    33. Leo Campbell says:

      This is torture! Just make each entry an automatic winner!!!

    34. Paula Harris says:

      Mom’s birthday is 2/18 and we celebrate her memory with pie each year-pie was her favorite dessert. I would share with the family.

    35. Barb says:

      I’ll share with my family and friends!

    36. Barb says:

      I’ll share with my family and college friends!

    37. Jenny says:

      My Mom loves your pies and it would be the perfect birthday present for her to win this. Her 55th birthday is tomorrow!

  2. tracy baldwin says:

    I will share if with my family and friends. Surprise someone each month to just because.. (I Love you, You are special etc)

  3. Elizabeth Jones says:

    My nephew, Will and I believe that Grand Traverse pie is the staple for breakfast, lunch and dinner with snack pie in between…! We deserve to win this contest!!

  4. Rhonda Wolf says:

    I will share with the people who have never had your pies. They don’t know what they have been missing!!!!!! When I make the trip to your bakery it’s hour away. I only get enough for my family. I don’t have much to spend or I would get more! I love your cherry! It reminds me of the pie my mom would make us. She in heaven now.

  5. This all sounds so amazing! I love pie, it’s my preferred desert over anything else. If it’s a crumb topped Grand Traverse pie there’s none better! I’d be sharing with my family and anyone who we are hosting that day it got dropped off, because we know it won’t last longer than that!
    Thanks for the chance! I’ll be rentering any chance I get. 😉

  6. Jennifer says:

    I would gladly share with my boyfriend, Matt and several co-workers who I’m sure get tired of me telling them it’s the only pie I’ll eat! 🙂 Plus, it would be so much easier than the several I bring back in carry on luggage from my once a year trips “up north”.

  7. Ha! Feb. 18 is my birthday! If I win all my brothers and sisters and my 4 children will get a pie, leaving 1 left over for our home table!

  8. Carol Minnaar says:

    Will share pies with our local WeMog (West Michigan Outdoor Group). We frequently stop and have coffee and treats after hiking, biking, snowshoeing etc.

  9. Bob Hennip says:

    Sounds like a good time

  10. Linda Poterek says:

    I would share with my cousin and her family. She is a nurse, he is a teacher. They are a household of 13, yes, lucky 13! They’re raising 11 children, who are always thinking of others.

  11. If I we’re able to try and eat some of Genevieve’s sweet pie, I would have to eat it at one of your sweet and savory locations.
    It never fails, that when I bring home any of your awesome pies, my daughter invites all of her friends over from the neighborhood. Between my wife and daughter and all of the kids, I need to thank you GTP for using pie trays with no sharp edges. This prevents injury to my tonge, sense all they leave me is what’s left to lick from the tray!! Genevieve is looking better then ever on your blog page!!!!!!

  12. Genevieve Mayberry says:

    I love the name. My name is Genevieve also.

  13. Anne says:

    Since GT Pie is a Michigan treat, and I’ve made so many friends since moving to this great state four years ago, I will share the pies with those who make this state feel like home: my friends! We get together often and a GT Pie would be a great and sweet little addition!

  14. Shirley zack says:

    Will share with my children

  15. Susan Gann says:

    I’d share my pie w/ my husband, kids, grandchildren & friends. Drawing is the day after my 63rd birthday.

  16. Sally Keel says:

    I would share the pie with my Canasta Group. We play Canasta once a month and they would love to have a different Grand Travers Pie each month for a year.

  17. Tricia Smith says:


  18. Sharon Draper says:

    I absolutely love Grand Traverse Pie Co.! I usually enjoy soup, ( tomato basil or lobster bisque being my very favorites) and always pie. Pie choice is difficult because I LOVE the pie……but generally choose chocolate! This destination makes frequent trips to Ann Arbor something to look forward to after a visit to the AA VA Hospital.

  19. Chris Yeiter says:

    Sounds like a great idea & wonderful way to share TC with friends & family!! ❤️

  20. We currently live in California, but GTPie is our restaurant destination of choice whenever we visit family in Michigan. Every time that we return to California, we rave about the pies we ate while we were away. I would love to share pies with friends in California. They don’t know what they have been missing!

  21. Linda Schell says:

    THE BEST PIE EVER!!!!! Our four sons (and my husband and I – oh and my husbands 99 1/2 year old father) can’t get enough!! We actually just had four different GT Pies in the past several weeks alone! I will share with family….friends!! We will take a pie (or two) to my husbands fathers 100th birthday party in June! His wife used to make pies that he loved, before she passed, but you are his new favorite!

  22. Steve Sharp says:

    I will not share. It mine, all mine I tell ya!

  23. Sarah says:

    GTPie my all time favorite! Could go for some cherry crumb right now 😉 ♥

  24. Pam says:

    The pies would be served at our Sunday family dinners

  25. Nancy Smaltz says:

    I would share one of your very delicious pies with my cousins in Houston, Texas. And another with my brother’s family. Oh, there is, also, my birthday group.

  26. Mindy Hilton says:

    If I win the pie contest I’d share the pie with all of my family and friends. It’s hard to get together now days with our busy lives so maybe this would be a great excuse to get together and enjoy each other.

  27. BIGBOB says:

    “Let the SHARING begin, I’m INN, for Pie”.

  28. Misty D. says:

    I would love to win pie for a year! It would be wonderful to share at family and friend gatherings. Also a wonderful treat to share with my co-workers!

  29. Sonya says:

    I would share the pie with all of my friends and family.

  30. Gwen says:

    I will share with family and friends, the only thing better than eating Grand Traverse Pie is eating with someone you love😋 Yum yum

  31. Sherry O says:


    1. Grandma Sue says:

      I love to bake AND eat delicious goodies. The G.T.Pie Co. is a favorite spot to enjoy delicious food. I’ll be delighted to share my winning pies with family and friends.

  32. Nancy Krupiarz says:

    I will absolutely share it with my mother-in-law who is 89 years old. She was born on a farm in Gaylord and just loves the goodness of a home-baked pie, the kind she used to make all these years.

    1. Nancy Krupiarz says:

      By the way, we’ve already been taking our mother-in-law the GT pies for every special celebration with her. My husband and I and her all look forward to that part of the dinner when we can cut into that fruity goodness!

  33. Kimberly Thornton says:

    I don’t think I’ve had anything less than YUMMY from GTP! I’d share with my aunt b/c every time we go near our location she wants to stop and get her fave…apple crumb pie.

  34. Maria says:

    Contest? fun!

  35. Mary Slater says:

    What a wonderful idea!!! I will share with family and friends (maybe). I love your pies!

  36. Anthony Veasey says:

    If I win I will share the pie with my partner 😊

  37. Sarah Peterson says:

    I will share with my family and friends, as well as co-workers. Everyone should know how wonderful your pies are!

  38. Betsy Moore says:

    We recently moved to Traverse City, but have been fans of GTPie Co. since its beginning. We would share pie with all of our visitors (we have a big family scattered throughout the U.S. and they love coming to TC to visit) as well as our many friends. Nothing better after a long day of exploring Northern MI than sitting around a table or campfire with Mountain Berry pie and coffee!

  39. Candace Sterling says:

    Oh, what a sight to see, in depths of winter’s cold…
    A slice of pie, it’s smell or’whelming
    be placed in front of me !

    The chance to win – a pie a month ?!
    Dare I dream such luck ?
    Oh rapture, oh warmth, oh pleasures share…
    All hail GT Pie’s pluck !

    Congratulations on your 20 year anniversary…

  40. Bea Eisenhart says:

    Love GT Pies

  41. Cookie Roberts says:

    Just can’t wait to begin….. Cake was always my favorite (well, cookies came in pretty high, too) but when I had a piece of your Strawberry Champagne Pie, I was hooked. Yours are the best!!

  42. Iva says:

    My grandmother’s name was Genevieve. She made the most delicious rhubarb pies. I love your pie company because I can get “just ” rhubarb in a pie WITHOUT Strawberries mixed in! There is no other place that makes just rhubarb. We used to have two sour cherry trees and I loved making cherry pies. The trees have long Ago been cut down. I can get cherry pies like I used to make … But your crust is better than mine was Hahaha. I’d share my pies with all my family, friends, and neighbors.

  43. Lin Hirai says:

    Yum! I will share with the husband, kids, grandkids, running buddies and the homeless guy who rocks out on Michigan Ave.

  44. Carol McPherson says:

    Sounds like fun.
    Will share with my family and friends.

  45. CINDY LUTZ says:

    Your pies are the very best. But let us not cut short the fabulous other food items. Delicious soups, salads, sandwiches, quiches, and other desserts. Every friend I have taken to GT Pie Co. will suggest we go there for lunch the next time. I would love to win and share with the neighbors and friends.

  46. Sheila Fletcher says:

    How awesome. I love GT pies, This is my preferred go to for family gatherings. So I share them with my husband, my children, and my grandchildren.

    1. Joan Lynch says:

      I will share with my “quilt group”. We’ve been meeting every other Wednesday for the past 25 years!

  47. Gayle says:

    Love your pies!

  48. Madie Abner says:

    I would share with my family and with friends on special occasions.

  49. Jim Shaw says:

    My wife loves pie! She would think this great for the year.

  50. Dawn Brown says:

    My grandmother’s name was Genevieve also.

  51. Karen Yankosky says:

    OMG !!! 🙂
    Grin !!!

  52. Kay Jerome says:

    I love GT Pies and find the Gift Card to be the PERFECT ‘thank you’ for someone who has done something nice for me.😍 I also try to buy locally and definitely appreciate how
    much GT Pie does for our community! Continued success GT Pie!

  53. ROYAL FISHER says:

    What a “YUMMY” Treat! Your pies are the greatest. This is on my Birthday so shall share with both family and friends.

  54. Paula says:

    A group of us meet at GTP every month. What a great way to share pie with family and friends!!

  55. Terri Harmon says:

    I crop with a group of scrapbookers every Friday night. I would love to share pie with them. 🙂

  56. Kathy says:


  57. patti ostach says:

    Your gluten free pies are the best! The taste alone tells me you placed a lot of thought into those delicious recipes for both the apple and cherry pies. Thank-you!

  58. Mona Suchocki says:

    will share my winnings each month…..friends and family, get ready!

  59. bonnie smith says:

    I love ALL your pies.
    The secret to a good pie is a good crust!

  60. David Perkins says:

    Sounds very good. Let’s get started, I’m hungry.

  61. linda huston says:

    i will share pie with all my friends and family! Plus, I will donate 2 of the pies to the hungry at my church. Afterall , we all need a slice of GT pie. : ) it takes you to that special place HEAVEN! yummy ~ thank you very much!

  62. bonnie smith says:

    Love your pies! A great crust makes the difference.

  63. Carol says:

    Love your pies and will gladly share with many family and friends!

  64. Terri Manning says:

    I will share with my daughter and son-in-law and friends and co-workers. Might even share with my brother! :o) Love your pies!

  65. Mary says:

    Love your pies! Would be in 7th heaven if I won the contest!

  66. Marilyn says:

    I will share your delicious pies with my family and friends!

  67. Jamie says:

    I would share with friends, family, and co-workers. It is important to treat those who make your day better.

  68. Kathleen Soltow says:

    I’ll spread the love and share each pie with someone new.

  69. Jamie says:

    If I win, I would share with friends, family, and co-workers. It is important to treat those who make your day better.

  70. Dorothy McMillan says:

    I would share with family and friends. Your pie is delicious!

    1. Gaye Patterson says:

      It would be a delight to share your pies with someone new each month as we have many guests in our home. One would be quick-shipped to Mississippi where I have family that I would love to share with. I really only like two kinds of your pies – hot and cold! Mmmmmm!

  71. Carol Boruta says:

    What a “pie-umptous” way to start the month! Can’t think of anything better!

  72. Charlene Baas says:

    I will share my pies with my family… children and grandchildren! Love your pies as much as my family !

  73. Mark says:

    Would love to share Michigan cherry crumb pie with my family, friends, and neighbors here in southwest Ohio!

  74. Deninne says:

    Would love to share with my family and my best friend who visits GT pie every week!

  75. Jenny Brower says:

    I will share pie with my co-workers … because they would share it with me!

  76. Shirley Phillips says:

    My BFF’s and I go on “road trips” whenever we get the chance. We are from Johannesburg, Gaylord, & Waters. There is no question where we stop for lunch….GT Pie Company In Traverse, or Petoskey. And, of course…we order your pie for dessert. Also, pieces/or whole pies to take home with us (naturally we have forks with us, so they don’t always make it home for our husbands). We don’t tell if you don’t! But once a month….guess we WOULD have to share with them!

  77. Lauryn says:

    I would keep all of the pie for myself and eat it all

  78. Barb Wright says:

    I would share with my church family

  79. Bev says:

    Your pies are our favorite! We had them for our daughter’s wedding reception! Would share with all family, and friends.

  80. Kathy Bowman says:

    I’m so excited about this contest. The Pie Co . Is an hour drive from home but whenever I’m close I bring home some sandwiches and soup and everyone gets their favorite slice of pie. Butterscotch for my husband, peanut butter for my son. Being a diabetic I grab some spenda apple pie. It is absolutely wonderful. I would share my pie with family and also our Church dinners and bible study group. Yummy!

  81. Tom says:

    I would love to share this with family and friends. For social times and for serious talks.

  82. John Beck says:

    Good pies

  83. Lynette Jacobson says:

    I plan to share my pie with my sons, my mother and my co-workers. Yummy!

  84. Tammy says:

    I would share my pie with family!
    Pie lovers forever!

  85. Forrestene Keenon says:

    I would share with family first then friends.

  86. Terri Cobb says:

    Help out a Pieaholic. I will make my whole family Pieaholics. Grand Traverse Pieaholics.

  87. Pam Duff says:

    Every Friday I travel to Grand Rapids to spend the day with my grandchildren Eloise and Oliver. I always stop at Grand Traverse Pie Co and pick up a chicken pot pie for our supper each week. Eloise who is 3, looks forward to eating her yummy “pie”. We share a Rice Krispie treat for desert. Needless to say I will share my pie with these beautiful children.

  88. Carmelita says:

    I will share with friends, family and whoever stops over! Our family loves all kinds of pie!

  89. Lynn Pasney says:

    I would let my parents (dad is 91 and mom Is 88) know I have won this prize and I will be visiting them with a new pie every month and to put the coffee on and be ready. That will give them something to look forward to (they both love pie) and we’ll play a little game of what flavor of pie will I bring next month! Of course I visit them often anyway but that will make the pie visits very special and fun!

  90. Tammy Madden says:


  91. Mary Catton says:

    Love every item you serve, hard to choose a favorite!

  92. John says:

    May have to organize a monthly evening pie & coffee social hour with a few friends if I win…….

  93. Ellen Amos says:

    Can not wait for this to begin!

  94. Ellen Amos says:

    Would share with my friends and family.

  95. Wow, how generous of you! I will share with my husband, who adores your apple crumb pecan pie, and my Bible study friends, who meet at GT pie co. in Terre Haute, IN every Monday night!

  96. Jennifer says:

    Oh my goodness this would be great. There’s so many ways to share such a blessing. A great start would be bringing some pie to a local shut in and staying around to serve and visit with them for a while. Or bring some to a family that has just had a baby. So many great ways to share.

  97. Travels With Dogs says:

    Best pies ever. Cream cheese pumpkin at the holidays is to die for.

  98. Carole Trahan says:

    It’s not pie in the sky, it’s heaven on earth!!! We will share with kids, grands, and other family and friends.

  99. Sharon says:

    love the cherry cobbler pie, it’s one of my favorite! I usually go in for breakfast with my sisters..we all love the pie company

  100. Dawn Maloof says:

    You have the best pies ever ! I would love to have your pie every month and maybe I would share. LOL

  101. Toni says:

    I will share with family and co- workers.

    1. Ruth Hiskes says:

      My first experience with Grand Traverse Pie Company was during a visit to Traverse City several years ago. About two or three years ago, they opened a store/restaurant. In Portage, Michigan about a half hour drive from where I now live. My husband and I were ecstatic! We visit as often as possible, and it is a favorite place to share pie and coffee with friends and family when they visit. P.s. Lunches are great too!

  102. Suzanne Smith says:

    We are addicted to Grand Traverse Pies, Brownies, Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Tomato Basil Soup. It’s very hard for us not to stop in a pick up a whole pie and maybe a few brownies after having dinner nearby. If we’re in the area at lunch time I have to get my favorite Tomato Basil Soup and a cookie for dessert. If I won, I would share my sweetness with my husband and the awesome volunteers and the Midland Humane Society. They deserve lots of yummy goodness because they are so kindhearted. Ever since Grand Traverse Pie Company came to Midland we have been blessed with an abundance of deliciousness.

  103. Natalie M. says:

    Pie is my favorite! I will share with visiting friends and family all year long.

  104. Ruth Hiskes says:

    My first experience with Grand Traverse Pie Company was several years ago during a visit to Traverse City. Then, a few years ago, they arrived in Portage, Michigan, which is about a half hour drive from where I now live. My husband and I were ecstatic, and now visit as often as we can. The pies are fantastic; the coffee is wonderful, and lunches are great also!

  105. Georgina Coder says:

    I would share with my husband. We’d have to be careful as he is diabetic, but you can’t not pass up a fabulous Grand Traverse pie. I’d also share with my friends at our VFW post. We have weekly ‘family’ and Post dinners with volunteers bringing the desserts. Good times. We’d also share with our neighbors. They are a great bunch of folks.

  106. Kristine says:

    I would share with the hardworking ladies that I am proud to work alongside of. They deserve a special treat once in a while and GT pies are exceptional and taste sooooooo good!

  107. Amy says:

    When driving by I never stopped because I bake pies. One day I decided to stop in and try one. I fell in love with your keylime! Not only that I tried your pick two and was sold on the whole experience at Grand Traverse Pie Company. I have not been back to a Panera Bread since! Thank you for coming to town.

  108. Jennifer says:

    I would share my winnings with family, friends, and neighbors. We all help each other out especially when we have had a rough day.

  109. bev says:

    Your pies are awesome and to me mean ‘love you’.

  110. Patty Bracey says:

    My mother’s name was Genevieve so this has a tender meaning for me. 🙂

  111. Charles Gliozzo says:

    What a unique opportunity and invitation as a card member in the East Lansing GTPIE. I will share the pies with caregivers and family. Cheers.

  112. Linda says:

    Some friends and I meet to celebrate our birthdays, always at GtPie. Besides them I wood share with family and other friends.

  113. Sarah says:

    If I won I’d be reluctant to share, especially the cherry crumb, but I love my kids enough to share with them 😉

  114. Mia says:

    Wonderful Michigan treasure

  115. Marlene Johnson says:

    I will and have shared your pies with my Mah Jongg gals and family. My favorite……raspberry with regular crust and lemon meringue.

  116. daniel marsh says:

    Love Brighton location, nice people, good pie.

  117. Alice Florida says:

    I’ll share my pie with a family to be named by my friends at the Food Bank , namely a family which seldom get treats as special as those made by Grand Traverse Pie. Our running group from Playmakers frequently stops for coffee and pie after weekend runs at one or another Grand Traverse Pie places. We enjoy the fine treat which gives us a continuing reason to run!

  118. Rochelle Mailhot says:

    My neighbors and I will each enjoy a slice and then let their great-granddaughters eat the rest. Your pies are the best. I am allergic to Corn and all corn products. You make pies that I can eat without having to bake them myself.

  119. Myke says:

    Love X Family & Friends X Sharing = GT Pies

  120. Janet says:

    My mom enjoyed baking, so I’ve carried on that tradition. I enjoy pies more than cake and ice cream.

  121. Dionisia Quiroga says:

    I would love to be able to share these pies with my mom, who taught me how to bake and have a sweet tooth for good pies!

  122. Mike Hosh says:

    Three GREAT location here in Northern Lower Michigan.
    We enjoy each one of them and the atmosphere is always very family friendly.

  123. C D Westby says:


  124. dean says:

    I’ll share with family and friends…but only because I cant eat that much pie by myself!

  125. Terri Johnson says:

    I will surprise friends and family, especially those who are out of state! Genevieve was My grandma’s name(but, she couldn’t make excellent pie!)

  126. Martha says:

    If I win, I want to share this wonderful prize with my family. As a dedicated weight watcher I should never eat an entire pie by myself but a small piece is a great treat. I have a son and granddaughter in Florida, and a daughter (and her family) here in Terre Haute. I would love to be able to share with all of them, what a great way to say I love you!

  127. Diane Housel says:

    Every week I take a treat to friends at an assisted living residence, so I definitely would share my monthly pies with them as well as with my husband! My mother’s name was Genevieve, but the two of us are definitely “pie eaters” rather than “pie bakers”!! So…..bring on the PIES!!!!

  128. Lou musk says:

    Will share at the fruitport eagles as one of our any fundraisers

  129. Helen Person says:

    We always take one of your pies to our family or church gatherings and receive comments of praise for Grand Traverse pies.

  130. Catherine says:

    GT Pie – oh so YUMMY! I will share with my husband and friends!

  131. Max Golden says:

    I will share with my friends and family. However I will have to keep some for myself so I can have a piece of home with me while I am away at college

  132. JoAnn Haines says:

    I would share pie with my husband (he LOVES TC Pie Co pie) and if any pie was left I would share with visiting friends or family. 🍒

  133. S says:

    Mmmm….GT pie is so delicious, It may be hard to share it, but yes, I will share with family and friends, maybe even co-workers!

  134. Paul says:

    I’ll share with anyone that home that day.

  135. Lin Hirai says:

    So glad to read that Alice F. will share with her running buddies since I’m one of them. Let me know if you win, Alice. I too would share with them as well as family and the homeless guy who rocks out on Michigan Ave.

  136. Don Sweet says:

    I would share with friends and family.

  137. Jill Katsaros says:

    I will share the pie with my Kindness Clubs at school. They give so much to so many, it would be nice for them to receive something in return.

  138. Kathy says:

    I’ll share with my hubby. Coconut cream, raspberry cream , peach, cherry are my favs. I will also share with the staff at Animal Control, where I volunteer. The doggies can also lick my fingers for a sweet taste!

  139. Irma Raycraft says:

    I love your pies and always stop when I’m in Terre Haute or Evansville. I would share with my neighbors or bridge clubs if I won. I always bring pie back to Illinois for my neighbors when I make a trip to GT.

  140. Kristen Schramm says:

    We work for a youth outreach teen center where we feed and mentor kids. We would love to share some pies with them!

  141. Gail G says:

    Recently retired, I would love to make ‘surprised pie visits’ to old & new friends!

  142. Tom says:

    What a great way to get me an ‘out of the dog house’ pass!!! 😇 Would share with my wonderful wife of 37 yrs. Happy Valentines Day all year long! ❤️

  143. Breanna Gross says:

    I’d have friends over for dinner and share pie for dessert. Everyone should try this pie, and it makes my entertaining a lot easier!!

  144. Laura says:

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  145. Laura says:

    If I won, I’d share with my family.

  146. SK says:

    I hope I win so I can share this pie with my family! I have 3 siblings, and two half siblings, plus all sorts of cousins and extended family. They would love some GT pie!!

  147. Mona S. says:

    I will share with the girls in my water aerobics class

  148. Andrea L says:

    I would surprise all my family and friends with pie for their birthdays, and the rest would go to me, my hubby, and our awesome 3 boys 🙂

  149. Kristen Schramm says:

    🙁 She’s nowhere to be found. Some of your links aren’t opening as well.

    1. Erin says:

      I promise she’s there! 🙂 You have until midnight today to enter today’s contest. She will be hiding in a new place after midnight and you can enter again tomorrow and on Wednesday. Good luck!

  150. Larrease Jackson says:

    I would share my pie with my mom and kids we LOVE GT pie!!!

  151. Steve says:

    If I win I will share the pie each month with family, friends and neighbors that seem to get lost in the shuffle of life. What a great way to get a foot in the door and make time for that long lost, overdue chit chat. Pie seems to bring friends and family together and gives that time to sit and relax and talk, enjoy the memories and taste the delicious flavors that GT Pie Co. has recreated from many of our childhoods. We frequent Pie Co. a lot and have made it a family name in our household, so this would just be one more thing to ensure it becomes a weekly family tradition.

  152. Kathy Badgero says:

    This is a ploy!! Making me figuring out which pie to have for lunch TODAY!! Bring it on!

  153. Rachel B says:

    The best place to visit with family and friends for a great slice of heaven, mmmm pie.

  154. Katie M says:

    I would share with family and friends. 🙂

  155. Kathy Caldwell says:

    I will share my pies with my family and friends

  156. Diane Robinson says:

    Can’t wait to win.

  157. Donna Sifuentes says:

    Pies for a year what a blessing that would be to be able to have a delicious dessert available when family and friends come for dinner

  158. Bethany Kirkman says:

    I would share with the ones I love! My kids would be over the moon 😄

  159. While looking for Genevieve, I got distracted by all your delicious menus. It’s wonderful to have so many vegetarian choices! And the staff at Park Street are terrific. I’ll share with my pie-loving husband, and take some to Dann’s House, a nonprofit which provides housing for people with severe alcoholism who have been chronically homeless.

  160. Anne says:

    I would love to win!!! Love the pies as well as their cafe menu

  161. Renee says:

    Friends and family! Yummmmmm!!!!

  162. Michelle says:

    I’ll share my pies with my parents, my in-laws, my kids and our neighbors who have never had GT pie!

  163. The banana cream is the finest in the land.

  164. Good luck to all you pie lovers!!!! My wife, daughter and I all had the opportunity over the weekend to enjoy one of Genevieves famous lemon meringue pies. WOW! What a treat!!! No matter how much my family loves GTP my daughter, if selected the winner, wants to donate the monthly pie to her church social every month!!!

  165. Siri says:

    Love any of the berry/fruit with the crumb crust!

  166. Connie Smith says:

    I will spread the love and share some of my pies. But at least a pecan and peach and cherry will have to stay with my family. LOL

    1. Connie Smith says:

      Your form isn’t loading, but I can tell you where she is at.

      1. Erin says:

        Hi Connie, I hope you were able to enter. You have until midnight tonight to enter today’s contest. Genevieve will be moved to a new place on the website for tomorrow’s entries. 🙂 Good luck!

  167. Renee Schaffrath says:

    This would be a wonderful prize to win and share with my family!

  168. Lulu says:

    When I win GT Pie for a year, I don’t dare hog it to myself! I have decided to take it to my art class at the Senior Center and share the LOVE!

  169. Dorothy McMillan says:

    I would love to share gt pie with family and friends.

  170. Dorothy McMillan says:

    I would give a pie to my neighbor.

  171. Debbie says:

    Our family loves Grand Traverse pies!!! My personal favorite is the strawberry rhubarb. I enjoy the cafe also. Sharing this pie with friends and family would be a great blessing. I learned from the website that you offer a pie of the month club. I’m going to try this in the future for family out of state.

  172. April says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE GT Pie Company!! EVERYTHING is amazing!!! My new fav drink is Chai Latte!!

  173. maggie says:

    Will share with family and friends… with ice cream!!

  174. Diane Moyer says:

    A GT Pie every month for a year???? Yum!!! Family, friends and coworkers will love it!!!!!

  175. Laura Hasselbach says:

    Well it would be hard to share because GT pies are delicious but if I must share I would probably share with my closest friends and family. Nothing like having those you love around you.

  176. Chanelle Christopher says:

    I will share with my family & friends . I have brought pies from GT Pie to holiday gatherings and they are always a HUGE hit. Thanks for making the BEST pies. Hands down, two thumbs WAAAAY up. 🙂

  177. Bill Christopher says:

    I agree with Chanelle

  178. Starr Weaver says:

    On Monday, February 15, 2016 Genevieve is on this page:

  179. Thomas says:

    If it’s Strawberry Rhubarb, I’m not sharing with anyone! It’s by far the best I’ve had ( except for Grandma’s )! the rest i’ll be sharing with the others at work for a special treat.

  180. Ashley Downer says:

    I’m going to share with my family/coworkers and donate a few to the foodbank.

  181. Sheila Augst says:

    I would share with my husband and our four children, and my oldest child, and my parents, too.

  182. Heather Nichols says:

    I would share with my husband and 6 children.

  183. Megan says:

    Now I’m craving pie. I might need to go out for lunch…

  184. Victor says:

    Yum! Share! Yeah, I will share! Ha!

  185. Pam Weyand says:

    I will share with family and friends!!

  186. Michael L says:

    I will share a free pie for a month with family, friends, and co-workers who love delicious pies!

  187. Lydia Pearson says:

    I would share with my family. The pies are so delicious. Better than my moms! (Don’t tell her I said that!) lol

  188. April says:

    I’d share it with family, friends, homeless shelters…everyone LOVES GT pies! I don’t think I would have a problem finding someone to help with all of the deliciousness!! Not even mom can top your pies. (shhh)

  189. Napthalie says:

    Sharing is caring and my BFF Sarah would love this if I won and shared these delicious pies with her!! 😉👍🏻😃

  190. Sandy Lane says:

    I would share your fabulous pies with different people each month so they could all enjoy my ‘winnings’!

  191. Deb Stephenson says:

    I would share the love with family and coworkers!

  192. Shari Prag says:

    I’d share with Sandy Lane for sure!

  193. Jeff says:

    Just had some of your delicious pie yesterday for Valentines Day. Love it!

  194. Jaye Murphy says:

    She is on the GT story page under the “about”

  195. Jaye Murphy says:

    What a fun way to look around your site. There is not a store in Jackson but have been to the one in Lansing and Okemos. The food is great

  196. Lynn Hyland says:

    Yummy! I can’t wait to share with my staff!

  197. Susi Olson says:

    I love your pies. As a Michigan Native, I grew up on Grandma’s and Mom’s homemade pies. They were from Cheboygan and only Michigan-grown fruit was used. Having your delicious pies delivered to my home (since I don’t reside in Michigan now) is like a slice of heaven. I’m sure Mom and Grandma would also give you five stars!

  198. Klingel Mom says:

    Would definitely have to share with the family, but I would even share with Mother Nature and Old Man Winter if she brings an early spring, and he promises to go away soon! ❄💨⛄…🌷🌸☀

  199. Anne Stone says:

    I would share (all except the chocolate pie) with my family and friends–the chocolate pie is all mine. 🙂

  200. Pie lover says:


  201. Laraine F says:

    My co-workers are the best! I will be happy to share with them!

  202. Sue Adkns says:

    Sharing is caring ❤️ Will share with my coworkers who work tirelessly each day to serve the people of Traverse City and keep them safe 💗 Also share with my family who loves GT pie ❤️

  203. Kellie says:

    I would share with my husband, kids, and parents.

  204. Dionisia Quiroga says:

    Yumm looking at the GT Pie website this morning makes me wish I had some pie right now…

  205. Marlene says:

    Everyone loves pie! There are so many choices! A different one every day!
    Thank you for picking me as a winner

  206. Julia says:

    I will share each pie with my husband, he’s always getting only sweeter after your pies 😀

  207. Elaine says:

    I would love to “pie it forward!”

    What a wonderful way to share “yumminess!” I will definitely share with my hubby, my family, and friends. As a second grade teacher, I would also share with my second graders – what a great lesson! I could use pie to teach sharing, social studies (community, local resources), science (we’ll be studying states of matter!), and math (fractions, shapes, etc)…..so many possible ways to include pie into my curriculum!

  208. Rebecca Woodcock says:

    Can’t wait to go back to GTP, but until then pie for a year would be fantastic! I would share it with the family I went there with: two sisters and a brother-in-law.

  209. Kara Hernandez says:

    Will share with family and friends. Lakeshore Crumb, Apple Crumb, Peanut Butter Chocolate. So many yummy pies to choose from.

  210. Zondra Blake says:

    I would share pie with my pie crazy family!

  211. Julie Travis says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! Love GTPC!

  212. Stacie Millichamp says:

    I’d share with all my family… holidays, family dinners, Birthdays. I’d also take a couiple to my book group and Bible study.

  213. Larry says:

    I shared via Twitter, Facebook, and email, and yet my account say I shared one time. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Erin says:

      Hi Larry, for each friend that enters the giveaway through your own unique sharing URL, you will receive +1 entry into the giveaway. Each entrant can refer up to 10 people. Thanks for asking! 🙂

  214. Renee says:

    I am a MI transplant so I will share with my MI friends and family.

  215. I wonder since I’m on Weight Watchers if I could substitute something a bit healthier? If not, I will share my pie with the residents at The Sanctuary of Woodland in Brighton.

  216. I would share the love with family and friends.

  217. Rachel says:

    I love the pie from this place. 🙂 The cherry and the chocolate cream pies are my favorite…which probably means I need to try this cherry chocolate ganache pie asap!

  218. Sean says:

    I would share with my family!

  219. Amanda says:

    I would share with my parents. They love the pie company too!!

  220. Nan Goldsmith says:

    I will share with family and friends, especially my granddaughter who requests your pie for her birthday over cake. She’s nuts about pie!

  221. Pie, Pie and more Pie, would love to enjoy your pies for a year and share them with all my friends who have never tried them!

  222. Jessica says:

    Yum! I love GT pie!

  223. Matt says:

    My fiance and I absolutely love GT pies. I can’t imagine winning them for a year!

  224. Anne Puchala says:

    Best Pies in the state!

  225. Rachel says:

    I’m going to share my free pies with my office mates! 🙂 You won’t find an office who loves pie more than mine!

  226. Monica says:

    I’d share with Rachel, my kiddo’s, coworkers and pretty much anyone who loves good pie! GT pies are the best!

  227. Bob says:

    Drive 1 1/2 hour every Wednesday morning to a town with GT Pie. Stop in everytime for a steaming cup of their fresh coffee and a slice of Quiche Lorraine!

  228. Monica says:

    I’d share pie with my coworkers, family, and anyone I know who loves good pie! GT has the best pie!

  229. Linda says:

    If I win I will share my pies with someone different each time – family, friends, neighbors.

  230. Sarah G. says:

    I’ll share it with my awesome work division! Treats for all! 🙂

  231. Brooke says:

    Best pies ever!

  232. Laurie C says:

    We love GT Pie Company! I would be sharing with my family…if I didn’t eat it all myself. 😄

  233. Mia says:

    I send these out of state frequently for our staff meetings!

  234. Beverly Chachulski says:

    I’d share them with the homeless, needy, soup kitchens, etc

  235. Dave says:

    I would share with my best friend my wife. She is the BIGGEST TC pie lover. My family might get a slice or two but they would have to wrestle her for them!!

  236. Dorothy Worgess says:

    I will share with my family and friends!

  237. Al Miller says:

    I would share with my wife and grandchildren!

  238. Jimi says:

    I would share my pie with my honey… although I’d really rather keep it all to myself 😉

  239. Joni Lowe says:

    If I win, I would share the pies with my mother, my church and Father Fred’s Organization.

  240. Claude says:

    I love your pie so much and I’m excited you have gluten-free!

  241. Cheryl says:

    I need to send a pie to my Daughter and her family in PA. They are sooo good.

  242. John T says:

    So looking forward to tasting the Apple Honey pie

    1. John T says:

      Forgot to mention I’d share this with anyone who is friendly. Alas my sweetie pie is not a fan of pie.

  243. Jordan Griggs says:

    If I won, these pies would be a gift to my girlfriend and niece… hopefully they will share with me!

  244. Michele Cashen says:

    I will share my pie with my husband. We both love Traverse City Pie. Your crust is the best!!

  245. Bethany Dunning says:

    I love the Troy shop. I’m a teacher, and love how I can spread out, have a cup of coffee and a slice of pie (or a whole meal) and work. They are so nice!

  246. Heidi says:

    my husband. he LOVES pie!

  247. Cindy Ontko says:

    I would share with my dad, my family, my cherished friends, and even my new-found friends, because as a pie winner, I know everyone will want to be my friend!

  248. nicole says:

    delicious bourbon pecan pie!

  249. Kristine says:

    Grand Traverse Cherry Crumb is my favorite!!!

  250. Margaret says:

    I would share the pies with family and friends!

  251. Colleen Rakunas says:

    I would share them with my family and friends of course. Everyone loves pie!

  252. Julie Wylie says:

    I will share the pie with my family! We get together every Sunday, so it’d be great to share with them if I win.

  253. Cindy says:

    I will have to “take turns” treating my 14 grandchildren who are all GT Pie People!

  254. Mimi says:

    I volunteer each day at my library and the employees there would love to have one of your pies shared with them, and I would be ever so grateful to be able to do the SHARING!

  255. Katie says:

    I’d share with family and friends – surprise treat to brighten your day 🙂

  256. Cathy Anklam says:

    Love GT Pie company! I would share with my husband first and then family and co-workers!

  257. Jamel Anderson says:

    With family & friends!

  258. Tamara Preston says:

    Love their pies and sammies. If I won I would share them with my small group study and my family.

  259. Lisa says:

    Yum, definitely friends at house parties

  260. Gloria Schondelmayer says:

    i will share with my family and/or friends.

  261. I love GT Pie food and desserts and am so happy you came to Terre Haute, Indiana! Your manager Steve is awesome and very customer friendly. The Center in which I work uses GTPie Co catering often and delivery gal Amber is wonderful! My favorite pie is this month – the Cherry Ganache!!

  262. Renea Clark says:

    If I won this amazing gift, the 1st pie I’d probably have a couple friends over to celebrate. Next pie I’d give to my mom who’s gone through significant health issues the last year and I’d invite my aunts and grandma to share. All remaining pies except an occasional 1 I’d deliver to people who I know this would add a smile to their face. People who are going through a difficult time: health, deaths, financial,etc. Spread the ❤️ 1 pie at a time 🙂

  263. Sue Porter says:

    Best pie in Michigan!

    1. Sue Porter says:

      We now get GT Pies for family birthdays – no cake for us!

  264. Renea Clark says:

    If I won this amazing gift, the 1st pie I’d probably have a couple friends over to celebrate. Next pie I’d give to my mom who’s gone through significant health issues the last year and I’d invite my aunts and grandma to share. All remaining pies except an occasional 1 I’d deliver to people who I know this would add a smile to their face. People who are going through a difficult time: health, deaths, financial,etc. Spread the ❤️ 1 pie at a time 😊

  265. Jim Hollis says:

    Love GT Pie Co. Plan to share with all my co-workers! !!

  266. Melanie Villanueva says:

    I will share with my family, friends and co-workers!

  267. Gail Hayes says:

    We have an exchange student from Italy this school year, and he loves dessert—especially chocolate. I would definitely share with him. And also with my coworkers. Mmmmmmmmm

  268. Brian Jackson says:

    I want all the pie!

  269. Michelle Norton says:

    Only the best pie ever for my friends and family

  270. Kathryn says:

    If I win a year of pie, I’d have to share with my mom. She earned it!

  271. Allison Williams says:

    My medical school class loves these pies! I would share with them!

  272. Michelle says:

    I would share with my family!

  273. Kala S. says:

    I’d share with neighbors, family, anyone celebrating or going through a tough time. Thank you for this opportunity to spread God’s amazing graces and love to others!

  274. Donna Paulson says:

    What a fun Mid-winter activity for us to participate i. Gets our mind of the cold temperatures and onto warm yummy pie. Our son grew up in TC, loves rhubarb pie. Rhubarb does not grow in south. I would send him on for his birthday. He would be so surprised! His mother-in-law has never tasted rhubarb before. She would be in for a treat.

  275. Susan Andrie says:

    I love GT Pie and so does my family!

  276. Jack Teetsel says:

    I would share with my whole family, of course!

  277. Charity Cram says:

    I would share my pie with my mom and aunt who are also obsessed with GTPie! Thank you for the chance to win!

  278. Jeannette P says:

    I’ll (try to!) share with my family 😉

  279. Juls says:

    I will share my pie with my parents….they love it when I get them a slice of pie so imagine when they can share a full pie with me!

  280. Andrea O. says:

    Love GT Pies. I will share with my husband and family!

  281. Lana K says:

    I would share with all my coworkers – Pie makes happier workplaces.

  282. Sandy Kreps says:

    I’d share with my family and neighbor!

  283. Nichole says:

    Would love this, and would share with my family!!

  284. Amy says:

    I would share with my husband!

  285. whitney hierholzer says:

    I love pie!

  286. edda williams says:

    I would share my pie with my best friend’s mother who has Dementia she is as sweet as pie and enjoys sweets more than anyone I know. It wold bring so much happiness to not only me but add some sunshine to someone else’s life.

  287. Judy Francis says:

    I would share with my mother-in-law. She loves pie

  288. Meg says:

    I would share my pie with my three adorable kids under 4. Sanity and adorableness!

  289. Michelle Holcomb says:

    As always, I would share with my family and friends.

  290. Tamie Wiggins says:

    Sounds delish! Now, what type of pie should I try first….

  291. Linda R says:

    Depending on the pie, I will share with my husband or eat the whole thing myself!

  292. Darla Edwards says:

    i will share with my husband of 28 years!

  293. Tom Francis says:

    I would share with my daughter.

  294. Leo Campbell says:

    If we were to win, maybe this would be the tipping point for my wife to agree to move to TC permanently!! So I’d share it with her and our children, and probably by sitting down at the original GTPC location and devouring the entire pie in 10 minutes or less!!

  295. Tiara Phillips says:

    My mother is in love with your pies and now that we’ve moved out of the Okemos area, the one in Ann Arbor is pretty out of the way, so we haven’t had our usual seasonal or holiday pies :/ Something like this would make her really happy, especially for when our family visits from Detroit. It definitely takes the stress out of having to worry about cooking dessert as well for those big dinners because we always trust that GT has high quality pies that we’ll love!

  296. Lauren says:

    Would share with my fiance!

  297. Emily Sherman says:

    A year of pie would mean lots of deliciously sweet conversation around the table with my three kiddos!

  298. Tracy Grant says:

    I would share with family and friends! We get a lot of visitors especially in the summer and I know they would be loyal customers after trying your amazing pie!

  299. Becky D. says:

    I would share with my family & close friends who have yet to experience such deliciousness in northern Indiana! 😊

  300. Shillo Wright says:

    I would share the pies with my mom, and younger siblings.

  301. Andrew F says:

    I think your store does an incredible job of fostering the kind of Michigan pride that made me want to come back after moving away to NC. If I win free pie, I’m pretty much going to share it with everyone I know! First on the list: my wife.

  302. I live alone now and usually visit friends, family or shut ins every week. Would love to share your delicious pie with others.

  303. Sue Van Otteren says:

    I would share with family and friends. TC Pie Company has the absolute best pies ever!!

  304. Judy Hudson says:

    I’m not sharing with ANYONE!

  305. Lila says:

    Grand T. Pies for family, work and home – yum

  306. Melissa says:

    love the chocolate cream pie

  307. Jessica Bernabei says:

    We love Grand Traverse cherry pies! YUMMO!!!!

  308. Brianna says:

    I would use it as a bribe to get my brothers to come and see me once a month and bring my family closer together 🙂 they can’t resist GT apple crumb pie!

  309. Debbie Holt says:

    GT pies are the best. I would share a pie with my family and friends.

  310. Laura Emmanuelli says:

    I will share it with my amazing fiancé, who is my best friend and the love of my life!!

  311. Erin says:

    Such a great way to celebrate GT Pie’s 20th!

  312. Dana says:

    Mmmm… Coconut Cream!

  313. Tabitha says:

    I would share it with all my family from downstate so they can have a treat of the best pie ever!!

  314. lace says:

    I’d share with my family. Everyone gets pie for birthdays!

  315. Michelle W says:


    this is the only place I could find her….

    1. Erin says:

      Keep looking, Michelle 🙂 You’ll have an opportunity to enter tomorrow and again on Wednesday. She’ll be hiding in different places each day.

  316. Thia says:

    SOMETIMES I’ll share 🙂 ….with my mother and our friends!
    We like to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and special times together. We frequently end up here, at “The Pie Co.”

    Thanks for the opportunity to win FREE pies.

  317. Cindi Woessner says:

    I would share with my family and also with my coworkers!

  318. Kristin says:

    I’d share with my entire family. We all love sweets of every variety, but especially GTPC pies. 🙂

  319. Kay says:

    I would share the pie with my Family and friends. My Mom loves the pie so much i think she would be very surprised and extremely delighted when she recieves a pie every month from her favorite place and favorite daughter. (Sorry sister.!)

  320. Thema Bennett says:

    Definitely will share with friends, family, people living in the Gospel Mission, every person living in my subsidized apartment complex, the Hospice which is close by, (if it is permitted). This is so kind of you to offer this, your blessing, so I may bless other people with your delicious pies. Have a healthy, happy, profitable year!

  321. Cindy says:

    I would share it with my boyfriend. He LOVES Pie! As much as I do. 🙂

  322. Mary Ashbrook says:

    With family and friends

  323. Jana says:

    I would consume every single pie myself. And it would be wonderful.

  324. Rachel says:

    My family loves GTPC! Anytime the three of us make a trip to TC we are sure to stop in have lunch and Pie… Of course we have take a pie and Pot pie home as well. If we won we’d definitely be able to put it to good use!

  325. Anthony says:

    I’d share with my family. We love GT Pies.

  326. Jesse says:

    I’ll most certainly be sharing it with my wife and daughter.

  327. Christine Blair says:

    Love the ABC crumble for sweet and the breakfast pies are amazing also. Someone brought them to our schools Michigan breakfast and it was a hit. I would share this with my whole family

  328. Lacie says:

    I would share it with my family and enjoy the time with them instead of cooking all evening after work😊❤

  329. Jan K says:

    This year for Christmas we tried your Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie, it is wonderful. It’s my new favorite, of course every time I try a new pie it becomes my new fav, lol. I love them all.

  330. Tammy says:

    Love your pies!! I would share with family and friends.

  331. Andrea says:


  332. Carol says:


  333. Jan K says:

    I would share with my family.❤️

  334. Amber finner says:

    I would share with my friends, coworkers, and guests at the hotel I work at.

  335. Paul says:

    I’d share with my wife and co workers

  336. Andrea says:

    Yum…I’d share with friends and family.

  337. Karen Cronander says:

    I love the GT Pie Company! I would share pies with my whole family and all the seniors and staff at Woodside Village, where I work!

  338. Julie D says:

    I will share it with my co-workers.

  339. Debbie Prout says:

    My husband and daughter both love fruit pies, so they would love for me to win!

  340. Laura Taylor says:

    My daughter had GT Pies for her wedding dessert and they were fabulous! Celebrating 5 years this year and I’d share my pies with her and her lovely husband!

  341. Stacey C says:

    I love GT Pie Company!! I’ve never had anything I didn’t like! <3

  342. Dennis Brayton says:

    Better than my Mom’s pies, but not as good as my Grandma’s.

  343. melinda says:

    I would share this with my mom! We both LOVE GTP and the freshness of their food is excellent!

  344. laurie skiles says:

    I would share with local churches for funeral lunches, rescue mission, work, and home.. it would be so much fun to share!

  345. Sheri says:

    I would share with my two sons (teen boys require a lot of food, so this would help!).

  346. Lisa Owens says:

    I would share my pie with my sick brother who is fighting cancer.

  347. Brock Pearson says:

    Nothing is better than sharing one with my sweetie!

  348. Tiffany Westendorf says:

    I would share with my coworkers and family.

  349. Renee Welton says:

    I love the pie samples! I have learned that I like almost every pie you make!

  350. Cindy Barker says:

    Family, friends, and neighbors! We all love your pies…a little slice of heaven!

  351. Taylor says:

    I will share the pies with my college roommates/best friends!

  352. Fran Glass says:

    You can never have too much GT pie! I would share the love with family and friends!

  353. Peggy Miller says:

    The pictures of ur pies make my mouth water! So many delicious varieties! I would share w/my husband, son, daughter-in-law, & grandson! Crossing my fingers! The rest of ur items look delish too! I thought u were only located in Traverse City! My friend says ur salads r out-of-sight & ur pasties r good too!

  354. I love the pies at GT Pie company!!!!

    1. I would share with my hubby and kids if I have to….

  355. Mary Helen Z. says:

    I’d share with my husband and my Mom who believes life is uncertain eat dessert first!

  356. linda l says:

    I’d share with friends. We all love it!

  357. Rhiannon P says:

    my roommates @ MSU bc we’re broke & we love food

  358. Jen says:

    I crave GT pies…They’re DELICIOUS! So if I had to share with anyone, I would share with my husband, the “Pie Guy” (he’s addicted to GT pies too)!

  359. Tammi Freehling says:

    I’d share with family.

  360. Mark says:

    I will have a pie party in my new home with my new bride while we are throwing a house warming party for our family and friends.

  361. Cyndy Wetzel says:

    LOVE GT PIE! If I win, I’d share this with my son, Sam, who also has one heckuva sweet tooth!

  362. Penny Ellis says:

    Mmmmm….Cherry Crumble……The stuff of dreams…..

  363. Janice F. says:

    I would share my pies with my family and friends, especially the foreign exchange students whom I enjoy getting to know. They will go back to their home countries raving about your pies!!!

  364. Matthew McGuire says:

    We would share with all of our out of state friends and family when they came to visit and also with our wonderful neighbors!

  365. Autumn says:

    I would have dinner date parties with my new husband every month 🙂

  366. With my friends and family …. Or not. 😛 love your pies!

  367. Beth says:

    GT Pie Co is our families Go To place for all things pie. Whenever we need to have a family meeting, a business meeting, a girl’s lunch out meeting, it is always a Pie Co Meeting! Our family would love a new reason to have a meeting; A Monthly Pie meeting!

  368. Jennifer H. says:

    I would love to share your pie with family and friends!

  369. Ellen Barth says:

    I’ll share it with my husband!

  370. Jenny says:

    Mmmm!!! Pie!!!

  371. Kerensa Lorton says:

    I might share with the hubby, depends on how good he is… ;}

  372. Erik Lorton says:

    I’d share for sure with my lovely wife! She loves GT Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieee!!!

  373. Julie Kolasz says:

    With my neighbors

  374. Rich Ruiz says:

    Fantastic Pies! I use your products for company lunches! Everyone raves! I’d share with family, friends & Co Workers! Who doesn’t like pie? Not this guy!

  375. K says:

    I love this place! Great to hold a meeting here.

  376. Karen says:

    I would share my pies with my elderly neighbor. She is a great lady who doesn’t get out much and I enjoy visiting with her. She says that she used to bake a lot but just can’t anymore.

  377. Helen says:

    GT pies for a year!! I would share them with my family and friends. My dessert would be a hit for all the Holiday party’s, church dinners, and birthday’s!

  378. Margaret says:

    Have to come in for my Birthday Pie!

  379. Ethan says:

    With my wife and boys, who love the fruit pies!

    1. Ethan says:

      Also, we visited for the first time last week and I am pretty sure she now loves this place more than she loves me. She asked that we go here every week for date night for the rest of our lives (no complaints from me). So I guess whether we win or not, we are going to have a lot of delicious pie to go through.

  380. Cheyenne depalma says:

    I’d love to share with my friends and family for my birthday on the 21st. 🙂

  381. Pat Heney says:

    I would share your wonderful pies with my husband who LOVES your cherry crumb pie!

  382. Kristi Sneed says:

    Share? I have to share

  383. I love Grand Traverse Pie Company

  384. Maureen Spoelman says:

    Love your pie!

  385. Susan B says:

    My granddaughter and I stop in frequently to pick up some pie. We are on a mission to try every variety and pick a favorite.

  386. Ellen Rzepka says:

    I’d love to share these pies with family, friends and co-workers!! Who wouldn’t love a piece of the pie!!

  387. Maureen says:

    I would LOVE to share pies for a year with my mom’s Assisted Living Center at dessert time!
    Your pies taste just like my Grandma’s – only better!

  388. Pam Weyand says:

    Share with neighbors, family and friends,

  389. If I won pie for a year I would share one pie a month with the wonderful staff at Munson Hospice House.

  390. Sherry O says:

    I had no idea how many varieties of pies you made! I’ll have to stop soon and try them!

  391. Marcia Paterna says:

    I would share this pie for a year contest with my sister, we both love your pies!

  392. Jeanie Douglas says:

    Can’t wait to share my pie with my family and friends! We love your pie!!!!! 🍒

  393. Roxann Whisenant says:

    Best pies ever

  394. Ali says:

    My co-workers would love me.

  395. Sandy Lane says:

    I would decide who to share with depending on the flavor of the pie. I know which friends/co-workers enjoy lakeshore berry, pecan, apple, cherry, etc. And your quiches are fabulous!

  396. Grace DeShaw-Wilner says:

    I will share the pie with family

  397. Michelle Norton says:


  398. Mindy Taylor says:

    Family and friends of course!

  399. Tia Martin says:

    I LOVE GT Pie! Chicken Pot Pies as well as Sweet Pies! Would love to win some!

  400. Jennifer S says:

    Yum! We love your chocoloate cream pie! Will share with family and friends.

  401. Lois says:

    I’m out of state till May 1st and so miss coming into the TC stores for a piece of pie/cinnamon roll . . .haven’t found anything that compares to yours while down south!!

  402. Dorothy M says:

    A wonderful church friend would love a delicious pie for her anniversary. I would make sure she received a Grand Traverse pie to celebrate the wonderful occasion.

  403. Mary jo says:

    Absolutely the best place to get a Rhubard pie!

  404. Alison says:

    I’ll share with my coworkers!

  405. Michele says:

    Grand Traverse Pies are the best I have ever had, I will enjoy topping with ice cream and sharing with my family.

  406. Laura K says:

    I would love to share this with my family! Especially my grandparents!

  407. Lisa C says:

    My mom has recently moved from Washington state to Michigan. I will share my pies with her, and my twin sister (and a few lucky friends). :o)

  408. Cindi Woessner says:

    If I won I’d share with my family, friends, and coworkers!

  409. Laurie Haney says:

    your Okemos Store Staff is awesome, super friendly service

  410. Tracy Argo says:

    My kids and I love going to GTPC after shows at the symphony and Civic Theatre, so I’d be sharing everything with them!

  411. Jessica says:

    I would share this pie with my future husband. We are getting married July 16th and it would be so cool to win this contest and have a pie at our wedding!!

  412. Jamie Tornga says:

    Awesome idea!

  413. Jamie Tornga says:

    And I would share the pies with my four boys at home. They love their pies!

  414. Dianna says:

    love this place. Wish there was one on the west side of lansing

  415. Sonnie Anderson says:

    If I won a year of receiving the best pies, I would share with my family… especially my Mom. She loves every pie she tries from GT Pie Co.

  416. Jo Koens says:

    The blueberry crumble pie is So Awesomely Delish!!

  417. Leah says:

    I guess I’d share (a slice) with my husband.

  418. Laura Richard says:

    By far the best place to buy pie anywhere!

  419. linda l says:

    I would share with my sister– we’re best friends!

  420. Jennifer Shreiner says:

    I would definitely share with all my family and friends! GTPC, best pie in the world. 🙂

  421. Dana says:

    Love the variety of pies available and all of them are so good. I would definitely share the pie! Too good to keep to myself

  422. Lauri Wiessner says:

    I will share with my husband and 2 kids. We all love pie!!!

  423. Lydia Belanger says:

    My mom sent me a pie for my 23rd birthday! I miss GT Pie out here in NYC and would share with my boyfriend, Eric, and my coworkers and friends.

  424. Tammy Hofbauer says:

    I love family get togethers and we all try to get together monthly. I would share my pie with my family at our monthly dinners. Plus I wouldn’t have to bake!! Yay!!

  425. Heidi says:

    My husband and son, who LOVE pie (and like to surprise me with the gift of pie!)

  426. Amy says:

    Would share with my husband!! We love this place!

  427. Jessica says:

    My kids would love this special treat!

  428. Love pie from GT Pie!

  429. Robert Clous says:

    I plan to share the pie with family and friends.

  430. Whitney W says:

    I could not eat it all myself (though I would want to!)…so I would share 90% of them with all the local nonprofits and the staff and volunteers who are working so hard to make this a great place to live.

  431. Janice Curtiss says:

    I would share with family and friends who live in Michigan and in other states

  432. Barbara Quincey says:

    My car automaticaly stops at GT. I think it likes pie too.

  433. Katie T says:

    I love your pie! My husband and I just bought two chocolate cherry ganache pies for Valentine’s Day! I would love to share the pie with my family and my students!

  434. DQ says:

    I would have it sent to my sister in LV – she deserves a bit of MI.

  435. Malinda Daniels says:

    My family, work mates and anyone who might need some pie!! 🙂

  436. Georgia Wheeldon says:

    free pie to my classmates!

  437. Chris says:

    I will share with my husband, co-workers, friends, neighbors, family. I’ll basically share with anyone and everyone I meet. I’m hoping to be very popular.

  438. Jim Hollis says:

    Plan to share the pie with my co-workers and family. Although it’s pie, I’d share with everyone in the room. LOL

  439. Karen B. says:

    Would share with my family, especially those who’ve never had your scrumptious pies!

  440. Love the Lake Shore berry pie, Plan to share with my husband

  441. Andrew F says:

    Day #2! Can’t wait to share pie with my brothers-in-law!

  442. Brenda Harris says:

    Will share pies with family and friends

  443. Phyllis Hart says:

    We lover the Blueberry Crumble and coconut Cream pies! We also like to share them with out of town family members and drop a pie off to the fire dept as a ‘Thank you for your service’.

  444. Becky Chambers says:

    I am lucky enough to enjoy pie often with my knitting group in Portage. I would send pie home with one of the several of the low income students that my husband helps keep nourished in school. What a treat for them!

  445. Adrienne Austin says:

    If I win, I’d like to try all the different pies and eat them myself, but I’ll probably bring them in to share with coworkers, maybe as a monthly birthday celebration for everyone in the office.

  446. Marie Mercier says:

    I will share some of the pies with friends and some of them I would donate to a local free meal program.

  447. Debbie Scott says:

    I would share the yummy pies with the teaching and office staff at the school where I teach!!

  448. Margaret says:

    I will share with my family.

  449. Michelle says:

    My friends and family!

  450. Rhonda says:

    Your pies make my mouth water.
    I don’t live in a town that has GT Pie Company, but once in a while when I’m in a town that has one, I go get a piece…..pure deliciousness!

  451. Mark says:

    We would host the tastiest house warming party ever!!!

  452. Teara Gauthier says:

    I would probably have to take some to work and share it with my coworkers. They all do a great job and deserve it. I would also share with friends and family

  453. Shayna says:

    I love GT Pie! If I win, I will share pie with my family, friends, and classmates. I would also love to have it as the dessert at my wedding!

  454. Nick M. says:

    I would love to share it with all of the people that come to visit us in the summers.

  455. My Dad passed on Feb. 12th at Munson Hospice House….I would give a pie to them…they are very kind people…..❤️

  456. May says:

    Great pies!

  457. Melanie Clymer says:

    My family is moving this summer and would love to have Grand Traverse Pies as a reminder each month.

  458. April says:

    Our family will have a special meal each month including our GT pie!! Yummmm

  459. Would share with those I love.

  460. Michelle says:

    My mom-she is a big fan of your pies!

  461. Sandy Lane says:

    I would love to share your fabulous pies with numerous people in my life, including people at work!

  462. Lisa says:

    Cherry ganache was exceptional yesterday!

  463. I will be sharing this on our What’s Up Traverse City and What’s Up Michigan Facebook pages (over 5500 followers)! Everyone loves pie right?!

  464. Paul Carpenter says:

    I guess if I have to share I will let the wife and daughter have a little.

  465. Terri Gregory says:

    Sweet & Delicious!

  466. Megan says:

    Trying to win that free pie!

  467. Sue Davidson says:

    We always get a cherry pie in memory of our Brother-in-law, Denny and share it with my sister. We stop in Norton Shores and drive it to Richland. He died 2/26/15 and we are going to celebrate with her this Friday. Love you Denny!

  468. Maria says:

    It’s been fun, the lucky winner will enjoy all the pies, yum…

  469. Erin Hamlin says:

    I would share with family and co workers!

  470. Jim Hollis says:

    This has been great fun!!! Enjoyed learning about the website and telling all my friends. Hope to share it with all my Horse Show Friends this summer!!!!

  471. Andrea says:

    I would share my pie winnings with my parents. We love eating here. The new Honey Apple pie is amazing!

  472. Pam says:

    I’d share with the kids!

  473. Well, we all know today is our last chance to enter for this great opportunity to enjoy some of the most delectable pie on earth. “For an entire year!!!!!!!!” Good luck to all, and hope who ever the lucky individual is that wins, will take this opportunity to pay it forward for some of the unfortunate, that struggles every day to get a meal. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!!!!

  474. Koren says:

    I don’t like to share my pie, but I would share with my husband and kids 😉

  475. Robert Halley says:

    I’ll share the pies with my brother and my mom but that’s it because they’re too delicious.

  476. Candace Sterling says:

    your goods we receive…
    if withheld-
    pray a reprieve !

  477. Linda says:

    Would share with friends and family, as long as there is some left for my breakfast!

  478. Deb Kolberg says:

    My husband and I will have a card party with our friends Doug and Sue and share pie with them.

    1. Deb Kolberg says:

      And our friends Donn and Cindy will be invited!

  479. Kerry says:

    We would love to have GT Pie free for a year! I see lots of entertaining in the future– The only way to enjoy yummy, scrumptious pies is by sharing!

  480. Dorothy M says:

    My husband loves your pies. We would share the coconut cream pie.

  481. Debbie M. says:

    Every time I took a bite of free pie, I would share a positive word or two about the Grand Traverse Pie Co. with my friends, near and far, encouraging them to buy a pie online or to enjoy a slice when visiting Up North this summer. GT Pie is the best!

  482. linda l says:

    We’ve been part of a dinner group for almost 30 years. They’d love it if I had pie to share with them.

  483. Debi Williams says:

    I will share with my grandson who just had to start online school due to health issues. He loves ALL pies!

  484. Erica says:

    Pie is delicious, it would be so exciting to win free pie for a year!

  485. Kate says:

    Love this place! Would share with my family and co workers

  486. Carolyn Molnar says:

    I would be sharing pies with family and friends all year!!

  487. Tom says:

    I’d give my pies to my wife, which would make her the happiest woman in the world.

  488. Jennifer Essad says:

    I’d invite family for Sunday Dinner and share with them each mont

  489. Sara says:

    Since (finally) trying these pies a year ago, I’ve since stopped trying to make the perfect fruit pie. If I won, I would share with my family, and those that have never tried a GT Pie!

  490. Deb Bittner says:

    very fun and i like her new picture!

  491. Jeanette DeRosa says:

    Grand Traverse Pie is a family favorite . Love all your pies !!

  492. Ricardo T. says:

    With my roommate! We love pie and ice cream whenever we can get it!

  493. Ruth says:

    My children love love your food and pies!

  494. Monique says:

    I’ll share with anyone who wants some!

  495. Mary Ashbrook says:

    I’d share with my hubby 🙂

  496. Merrilee Zawadzki says:

    I would share my Grand Traverse Pie with my family in the Toledo OH. I took a cherry crumb pie for Thanksgiving and they all loved it!

  497. Margaret says:

    I had lunch with a friend at GT Pie Co today!

  498. Nikki Famiano says:

    I would share with my hubby. Maybe for date night.

  499. Jennie says:

    I would share with all my pie loving friends and family!! What a dream come true 🙂

  500. Jessica says:

    I would share with my family.

  501. Dana says:

    Do we have to share? 😉 My family and friends of course!

  502. Tammi says:

    If I win, I will share with my family, friends and co-workers.

  503. Laura K says:

    With my family!

  504. Mona S. says:

    Thanks for offering contest….it was fun….and I’ll share my winnings with my family and friends

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