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Pie Lady unknowingly helps hospice patient with deliveries

One of the most heartwarming Pie Stories has taken place at the Munson Manor here in Traverse City, Michigan.

Munson Manor is a non-profit Hospitality House affiliated with our local hospital, Munson Medical Center. The Manor provides a place for people to stay at a reduced rate while their loved ones are either in the hospital or the Hospice House.

As donations become available the Manor tries to provide meals and snacks for those who stay there. For years now I have been taking pies to the Manor and on one occasion I was stopped by a guest.

“Ma’am, are you the pie lady?”, she asked.

“Um, yes” I responded. “I work in the Grand Traverse Pie Company.”

“Well I just can’t thank you enough for bringing your pies here,” she stated.

“You’re very welcome,” I said.

“No!” she replied, “You don’t understand what this meant to my family – what comfort it has brought!”

“Really?” I said, curious as to why she was so adamant.

Her story unfolded: she and her family had come to support her brother as he was dying at the Hospice House. The previous week his mother-in-law had come to offer support as well and dropped dead of a heart attack! On top of that her uncle does the day after her brother passed away!

With one tragedy after another, I couldn’t even comprehend it all. At that moment she pointed out the 90-year old gentlemen in the dining room. It was her father, who had just lost his son and his brother and was now nestled in for the evening having a slice of pie. She literally begged me to go back to the shop and thank whoever had a hand in making, baking, and providing the pies they had enjoyed and gained so much comfort from during their stay. I was humbled.

Katie Koeppen – Catering Coordinator of Grand Traverse Pie Company in Traverse City


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