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Smiling employee feels like part of a family

“It’s amazing to be here because knowing the money goes to the community, it’s like I’m working for the community!”

That’s the enthusiastic and optimistic attitude of Heather Bailey, an employee at the Grand Traverse Pie Co. since 2007 in Traverse City.

Bailey’s signature smile and cheerful disposition are a staple in the Traverse City shops, where she’s worked in both locations, starting in food service.

“It’s great to meet everyone who walks thru the front door,” Bailey says. “There’s always someone interesting to talk to you. It’s nice to see the expression on the faces of people when you gave them a slice of pie. They’re so excited.”

Few people are as excited to go to work as Bailey, who’s raising a young daughter with her husband when she’s not dishing out greetings and pie. Heather sees her time with the Pie Company as a period of growth.

“Interaction with people has helped me grow since I’ve been here. I started in food service, so I’ve experienced everything. I went to customer service, and I even got to be in the bakery for summer.”

A large part of the reason she loves to work at the GT Pie Company is the fun work atmosphere. According to Heather, that trickles down from the top.

“The Busley’s treat you like family, they’re awesome to work for,” she says.

Heather’s favorite pie? The mountainberry crumb. But her daughter has different ideas.

“My daughter loves the chocolate creme pie and she loves the sugar cookies – she’s just the right height to reach them on the counter!”

At the Park Street location in downtown Traverse City, Bailey can often be seen checking in on regular customers who are more than customers to her.

“The people who walk in, it’s like a family. Because so many people come in on a regular basis and order the same thing. We have great conversations.”

Heather Bailey, Customer Service in Traverse City Park Street Shop


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