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Petoskey pie shop owner will honor former math teacher on Pi Day

Petoskey GT Pie Co. owner Scott Byrd in his shop on Pi Day, wearing the tie to honor his former math teacher.

Petoskey GT Pie Co. owner Scott Byrd in his shop on Pi Day, wearing the tie to honor his former math teacher.

Almost everyone referred to Mike McLaren as “m2”, which was appropriate considering how passionate he was about numbers.

A math teacher at Grand Blanc High School for more than 35 years, McLaren had a special relationship with his students that transcended the classroom. Among those students were Scott Byrd and his wife Jennifer, who now own the Grand Traverse Pie Company in Petoskey. In early March, the Byrds served pie from their shop at McLaren’s memorial service, honoring a request from their former teacher.

“When his health was failing, Mr. McLaren asked me if I would serve pie at his memorial service,” Scott said recently while manning the front counter at his pie shop in northern Michigan. “He served pie on National Pi Day in his classroom for as long as anyone could remember.”

McLaren passed away on February 14, prompting an outpouring of responses from former students and colleagues. Scott and Jennifer attended his memorial service in Grand Blanc to fulfill their promise to McLaren, but they got something more than they expected, and they plan to pass it on.

“Another former student spoke at the service and mentioned that they had given Mr. McLaren a “Pi” tie some years earlier. Mr. McLaren would wear that tie on Pi Day when he served pie in his classroom,” Scott said. “When Jennifer and I left the service we opened a gift bag and card that were given to us by Karen – Mike’s wife – and inside was the Pi tie. I will wear that tie in my pie shop this March 14 in honor of my former teacher.”

March 14 (3/14 or 3.14) is recognized as National Pi Day, a holiday celebrated enthusiastically by educators and mathematicians. But it’s also a great excuse to eat pie. Many teachers take their kids to the Grand Traverse Pie Company to celebrate the “geeky holiday” that pays honor to Pi – defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

“We have teachers come to our shop every year and we hand out pie,” Scott said. “It’s sort of a field trip for them.”

Byrd has operated the GT Pie Company shop in Petoskey since 2006. This year on March 14, Pi Day will have a special meaning for him and his wife.

“It was a rewarding experience to be able to serve pie at Mr. McLaren’s service,” Scott said. “[For him] teaching was everything. He didn’t have any hobbies or children of his own, and he committed himself to teaching. He connected with his students, and he cared about us.”

Visitors to Byrd’s pie shop in Petoskey on March 14 will receive a free slice of pie (made with real Michigan fruit) with any purchase. And they’ll get to see Mr. McLaren’s “Pi tie” in person around Scott’s neck.


2 thoughts on “Petoskey pie shop owner will honor former math teacher on Pi Day”

  1. Mrs. Tuomi says:

    Dear Scott,
    We have an excellent Math teacher at our school who organizes a great pi/pie event on March 14th of every year. We were touched to hear about your tribute to your former math teacher. We have contacted the GT Pie Company near our school (Troy location) as well as the National Pie Association. In Detroit, they were celebrating PIE day in the end of January. This makes no sense to the math lovers and students 🙂 We will be celebrating on March 14th and hope to connect with your organization in some way. Maybe we could encourage parents to buy from the store near us when they bring in a pie? Just a thought. Take Care. Thank you for your wonderful tribute to your math teacher.

  2. charles birch says:

    Mike played clarinet in the Durand band. The whole McLaren family were involved with the band especially his mother Ardith. I am glad to hear he was so successful and loved as a teacher.

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