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Free Pie on Pi Day – Wednesday, March 14th

It’s almost time for the coolest (and yummiest) mathematical day of the year – Pi Day, March 14th (3.14).

We are excited to once again celebrate P-i Day with P-i-e! All 16 of our GT Pie Co shops are offering a free slice of Michigan ABC Pie with any purchase all day on Wednesday, March 14th. The most excellent part of all? The apples, blueberries, and cherries in our ABC Pie are all from Michigan. We are honored to shine a light both on the quality of Michigan’s agricultural bounty and the importance education plays within our state.

Pi Day fun at Grand Traverse Pie CompanyWhat is Pi? The symbol used by mathematicians to represent the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter is the Greek letter π. That letter (and therefore the number π itself) can be denoted by the Latin word pi. In English, π is pronounced as “pie” of course. The number π is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter and is approximately equal to 3.14159.

At Grand Traverse Pie Company, our commitment is to make amazing pie with purpose. We are passionate about making a heartfelt positive impact on those we serve. Make plans to join all of our positive, good-hearted people on Wednesday, March 14th at any GT Pie Co. location. We hope you enjoy what we love to do most – serve handmade pie made from scratch every day, just for you!

For some Pi Day fun, see past videos of people reciting π


22 thoughts on “Free Pie on Pi Day – Wednesday, March 14th”

  1. Steven J. Koponen says:

    Will you be sponsoring a video contest again this year? If so, where and when can we find out the details?

    1. Erin says:

      Hi Steven, we will not be holding our Pi video contest this year but stop in and celebrate with us on 3.14!

  2. L. Cunningham says:

    Is this free slice of pie (with additional purchase) offer good for any customer or do you have to be a member of Pie Dough Club?

    1. Erin says:

      Hi Larry, good question! This offer is valid for anyone. You do not need to be a member of our Pie Dough Club (although you get awesome perks for being a member). See you on Pi Day! 🙂

      1. L. Cunningham says:

        Thank you Erin!

  3. Jennifer says:

    What qualifies as a purchase? I’d like to bring a few of my middle school students on Wednesday. Would each of them purchasing a drink get them a free piece of pie?

    1. Erin says:

      Hi Jennifer, what a fun idea! Yes, if each of your students purchases a drink then they will qualify for a free slice of Michigan ABC Pie. We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!

  4. Alice says:

    Is there a time? Can I get a piece at breakfast time?

    1. Erin says:

      Hi Alice, you can stop in anytime on Wednesday, breakfast included!

  5. Cheryl says:

    Will you have gluten free pie available for the free slice of pie today?

    1. Erin says:

      Hi Cheryl, the offer does not include a free gluten-free 6″ mini pie but you can always bring a friend, purchase a gluten-free pie, and they can enjoy the free slice of Michigan ABC Pie. 🙂

  6. Kris says:

    What happened to “just stop by and get a free pie”? Now we have to buy something!? Kinda takes the fun out of it, don’t you think?

    1. Erin says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Kris. You can purchase any item including a drink or a cup of coffee in order to receive a free slice.

  7. David says:

    Do you have any Pi day specials/discounts on whole pies?

    1. Erin says:

      Hi David. Thanks for your question! We do not have any deals on whole pies today but make sure you are signed up for our Pie Dough Club if you aren’t already. Each dollar spent in our shops adds up to awesome rewards. 🙂

  8. Grace says:

    Am I eligible with a phoned-in takeout order?

    1. Erin says:

      Hi Grace, definitely! Just let them know when you’re placing your order that you’d like your free Pi Day slice today too. 🙂

  9. Kelly says:

    Do you take reservations or are they needed? Seems like it will be a busy day.

    1. Erin says:

      Hi Kelly, we do not take reservations. It’s a busy day in our shops but our lines are moving quickly. 🙂

      1. Kelly says:

        Good to know! Thanks!!

  10. Holly says:

    Hello! Am I able to purchase 2 separate orders and get 2 slices of pie to go? My husband and I wanted to take it home and I would be picking it up while he’s at work.

    1. Erin says:

      Hi Holly, you will want to check with your nearest shop as it will vary depending on our supply of pie slices. You can try to call ahead if you’d like. 🙂

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