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Vernors Cherry Pie Returns for the Summer

It’s back! The beloved Vernors Cherry Pie will make its return to our shops beginning July 1st. First introduced in 2016 for Vernors’ 150th anniversary, this pie quickly became a fan favorite. Our hope is that this special pie reminds you of simple summer days.

Vernors Cherry PieVernors Ginger Ale, the “deliciously different soda,” originated out of Detroit, Michigan in 1866 and now ties back to good things people remember about their childhood and when times were simpler. It is also fondly identified as that effervescent, caramel-colored elixir that makes us sneeze when we drink it, the bubbles immediately hitting our noses.

The cherries in the Vernors pie are Michigan Montmorency cherries grown in Northern Michigan. They offer a tangy deliciousness when baked into the flaky homemade crust.

The Vernors Cherry Pie is a perfect balance of cherries, ginger, and that famous Vernors flavor and is topped with beautiful lattice dough. Every bite is guaranteed to be a perfect Michigan treat!

This deliciously different summer pie is available July 1st through September 15th at all of our 15 GT Pie shops as well as for shipping coast to coast in our online shop.



4 thoughts on “Vernors Cherry Pie Returns for the Summer”

  1. Terri Harmon says:

    Your website is not user friendly. I clicked on a button that says “Find a location near you” and it takes me to a general site with the same Verners Cherry Pie ad along with a list of Categories and Archives. None of the categories is a list of locations. Don’t you want people to visit your stores? That should be the first thing that shows up on your website is a list of your locations. It shouldn’t be a mystery clue hunt!!! Especially when you have a button for that function. There are some locations listed (none near me) and I know from experience that there are other locations. Why don’t you put a location in the downriver Detroit area. We love pie down here!

    1. Erin says:

      Thank you very much for your feedback, Tom. You can find a list of our 15 shops at gtpie.com/locations.

  2. Steven Terry says:

    Hello from San Antonio. As a Former Traverse Citian, Got Excited when I read in the Northern Express about the Vernors Cherry Pie. Unfortunately, will Not be back to Traverse City until October! See you at the Front Street Store then.

    1. Erin says:

      Thank you, Steven! We look forward to seeing you in October. In the meantime, we can always ship a pie to your doorstep. 🙂

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